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    Merry Christmas to all of Dicore customers

    Website:www.dicoretubing.com   Date:2019-12-24

    Merry Christmas to all of our customers and friend ! Have a nice holiday !

      As we know , Christmas is the most important festival for many country in Europe and 

    America , but , could some one can tell me the history if Christmas ?

      In China , our most important festival is New year's Eve 除夕! Let me share with you the 

    history of Chinese New year's Eve . 

      In ancient China , there is a fierce monster , it's name is Xi 夕 . It always came out to 

    harm people . Later , people knew that Xi afraid of red color , fire and loud sound . So 

    every household paste red couplets, set off firecrackers, to drive Xi . So we named the 

    festival 除夕 now , it means ward off bad luck !


    Merry Chrismas Eve


    Author: Dicore Technology

    Prive:Notification of Chinese Spring Festival Holiday


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    Heat shrink tubing machines


    Heat shrink tubing machines

    Heat shrink tubing production need a series of machine .

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    20 foot container heat shrink tubing Shipped out on time

    20 foot container heat shrink tubing Shipped out on time

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    Dicore , one-stop supplier

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