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    New year's work has been kick-off

    Website:www.dicoretubing.com   Date:2020-02-24

          As all know , we come across COVID-19 , so most of factories and companies in China had to extend the Spring holiday . 

    After a rigorous review, we are back to work now . 

          First , thanks for the understanding of all of our customers . We received many blessing by email from our customers . Our government has taken many effective measures to ensure our safety , and the outbreak has been effectively controlled . So pround of our country and Chinese people , we can did these in such a short amount of time . Hats off to all the doctors, nurses and police who risked their lives to protect us day and night , even snowing heavily , they are our heroes 


          We are trying our best to produce the orders that we received in this holiday , will ship out your goods asap . 

          We received many order about firber optic protection sleeve .

          There are many sizes for firber optic protection sleeve we produced , and some sizes must made by hand , so will need more days for production , for example , the 15mm length . 

          The freight companies has also been working normally , if you need any products from us , contact us , we will provide you best goods and service . 


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    Heat shrink tubing machines


    Heat shrink tubing machines

    Heat shrink tubing production need a series of machine .

    20 foot container heat shrink tubing Shipped out on time


    20 foot container heat shrink tubing Shipped out on time

    20 foot container heat shrink tubing Shipped out on time

    Dicore , one-stop supplier


    Dicore , one-stop supplier

    We produce all kinds of heat shrink tung , you can purchase most of heat shrinkable products from us .

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