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    Electronic heat shrink tubes

    Website:www.dicoretubing.com   Date:2020-08-17

    Electronic heat shrinkable tube, main application domain is electronic product, home appliance, communication, automobile, military industry and so on. Involves the profession to be numerous, the product style is various, the market gross is difficult statistic.

    Main types:

    Single wall heat shrink tube:Environmentally friendly flame retardant heat shrinkable tube, ultra thin wall heat shrinkable tube, yellow green heat shrinkable tube PVDF heat shrinkable tube, identification tube, PTFE teflon antiskid pattern heat shrinkable tube heat shrinkable tube, silicone rubber, heat shrinkable tube,magnetic heat shrinkable tube

    Dual wall heat shrink tube: Thin-walled flame retardant double-wall pipe wall in thick wall pipe 6 times connector box heat shrinkable tube CATV heat shrinkable tube steel pipe anticorrosion heat shrinkable tube in the flame retardant thick wall pipe, Marine cable protection sleeve, automotive heat shrinkable tube

    Heat shrink connector:Solder waterproof thermal shrinkage terminals (solder ring heat shrinkable tube) ,waterproof connect terminal/butt terminals with color code, hot shrinkage crimping terminal casting (combination), various kinds of fiber connector

    More details, browse www.dicoretubing.com 

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