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    main ingredient of heat shrink products

    Website:www.dicoretubing.com   Date:2020-07-24

    We often say "thin tube" "UL tube", general ingredients are as follows: 

    black EVA 50%; Aluminum hydroxide/magnesium 40%; Phosphorus-containing flame retardant is 5%, 4% carbon black, antioxidant 30% 

    color tube EVA 30%; Aluminum hydroxide/magnesium 50%; Phosphorus-containing flame retardant is 15%, 4% colorant, antioxidant 1%

    EVA lower melting point meet the requirements of the low temperature heat shrinkable.EVA is the "principal agent" ingredient, for shrinkage temperature below 100 ℃ heat shrinkable tube.

    In order to improve the high-temperature performance of EVA thermal shrinkage materials, high-temperature resistant materials can be achieved by blending EVA with other polymers or functional fillers. Silicone rubber heat shrinkable tube is made of EVA, methyl vinyl silicone rubber, EPDM, flame retardant and other raw materials by blending production,combining the advantages of silicone rubber and heat shrinkable tube completely. Such as flame retardant, heat resistant, oil resistant, solvent resistant, and very good electrical insulation performance to meet high demand. 

    Heat-shrinkable material made of fluoroplastics and fluororubber, with high temperature resistance, anti-aging, anti-corrosion and excellent electrical properties, is an important kind of medium and high-end demand, used in the field of electronic, mechanical and chemical anticorrosion. At present, PTFE tubes (PTFE tubes, teflon tubes, F46 tubes) and PVDF tubes (vinylidene fluoride thermal shrinkable tubes, also known as Kynar tubes) are most studied and applied in this field. 

    PE heat shrinkable tube, according to the different use requirement of heat shrinkable product, use raw material LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, also blending production. At present PE heat shrinkable tube on the market is given priority to with LDPE.

    For all these heat shrink products with different materials, you can find at Dicore. WWW.dicoretubing.com

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