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    Heat Shrink Identification Tubing

    Website:www.dicoretubing.com   Date:2019-12-10

    Today , we will talk about a kind of heat shrink tubing specially for marking cables , we named it heat shrink identification tubing , referred to as HSID .

    As you see in the pictures , there are two type of HSID , the one in the first picture , is T type (HSID-T), we already cut it into pcs , and 55mm length for each 

    piece (the length is the same for all the sizes ) . We can cut it for you as your requirement , but must shorter than 55mm , and the left part , will bear yourself .

    For example , you need 10mm/pc , we will cut it into 5pcs , and 5mm will waste .

    The other is R type (HSID-R) , you can cut it in any slength you need , we do not provide cutting service for HSID-R . 

    We can also print words for you , of cause , you should pay for it .

    It is the data of HSID below , HSID-2X , means the shrink ratio is 2:1 , 3X means 3:1 .

    Please choose the right size you need in our data sheet after you read it , it will save much times for each other , thanks !

    Author: Dicore Technology

    Prive:Medium wall heat shrink tubing — Pipeline protection


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