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    Heat shrink insulating tape - Install video

    Website:www.dicoretubing.com   Date:2019-12-10

    Heat shrink insulating tape is used for cable repair and tubing sealing . 


    There are some features :

    1. When heated , it will shrink and adhere to the objects .

    2. One-side coated with adhesive , it will make sure the objects repaired with HSIT sealed and waterproof . 

    3. Do not need to cut the cable or pipe, can be used directly .

    Some customers said that they can not use it very well . So we share the ratio with you .

    Note the following :

    1 .First , Wrap them in a neat loop and fix them with heat . 

    2. Wrap 2-3 laps and heat once .

    3. At the end , Tuck the end of the tape into the inner layer and heat it up .

    Heat evenly and make sure the adhesive melt completely , or it will not waterproof . 

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