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    Where to download the specs

    Website:www.dicoretubing.com   Date:2021-05-27

    Because of the time difference , we can not always reply all question from our customer in time . If you have any question about our products , you can search the product you are inteseted in on our website . You can see all the specs there . You can download the specs on website too . 

    Some customers do not know very well about our website , so today talk about where to download the specs . 

    First , search the product you need  , and get into .  

    It is the dual wall heat shrink tube as below 

    Include Product Description , Product data , product specification product video , PDF download . 

    You can see all the details about dual wall heat shrink tube in these blocks . 

    The last block PDF download is where you can download the specs of dual wall heat srhink tube . 

    Any question you can not find the answer in the specs , send us email , we will reply you once we see it . 

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