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    The importance of products data

    Website:www.dicoretubing.com   Date:2022-06-29

    Many customers just sent us item No. when they sent us inquiry . It is so hard for us to comfirm the right heat shrink tubing they need . 

    The item No. for one kind of heat shrink tubing is not same in different company . 

    In our company , thin wall heat shrink tubing is HHST , but in another company it can be HST . 

    So you should send us the date sheet , it is so important to know the wall thickness , heat shrink ratio , operating temperature , and material . 

    Thin wall heat shrink tubing , medium wall heat shrink tubing and heavy wall heat shrink tubing are all made of PE . If you just tell us that you are searching heat shrink tubing made of PE , we can not comfirm right product . The difference for the 3 items is wall thickness and application scenario . 

    So , please send us your inquiry with the date sheet , or you can tell us the application scenario . Thanks . 

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    The importance of products data


    The importance of products data

    It is very important to share us the date when you purchase heat shrink tubing .

    Packing of heat shrink tube


    Packing of heat shrink tube

    We can provide not only good heat shrink tube , but also good service .

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