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    Our packaging standard of dual wall heat shrink tubing

    Website:www.dicoretubing.com   Date:2022-09-20

    Dual wall heat shrink tubing was widely applicable to many area . We receive many dual wall heat shrink tubing orders from all over the world . 

    Many customers also named it heat shrink tubing with glue or adhesive . 

    Please pay attention about the quantity of every size heat shrink tubing when you place your orders .  We produce heat shrink tubing according our packaging standard . Your quality must be integer multiple of the qualtity for one roll . 

    The quality for each size of our packaging standard as below 

    1.6-3.2mm , 200m/roll 

    4.8-7.9mm , 100m/roll 

    9.5-30mm , 50m/roll 

    above 30mm , 25m/roll 

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